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ONCOREX Tablet a Micro-nutrients Therapeutic Supplement for Prevention of Cancer.

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Micro-nutrients Therapeutic Supplement for Prevention of Cancer


Contains: Quercetin, Coenzyme q10, Nano Curcumins, Holy Basil Extract, Withaferin A, Ginger Extract …………

ONCOREX Tablet supports you in maintaining your health & safeguarding your intake of nutrients, true support as a precautionary therapeutic supplement for the prevention of cancer & also helps to reduce the risk of cancer.

The Role of the contains in the Prevention of Cancer:

  • Quercetin: Inhibits cell proliferation by causing apoptosis and/or cell cycle arrest.
  • Coenzyme q10: Protect against and repair damage to DNA caused by free radicals 
  • Nano Curcumins: Suppressing the expression of cyclinD1, a critical gene in the development and metastasis of breast cancer.
  • Holy Basil Extract: Decreases Tumorigenicity and Metastasis of Aggressive Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells
  • Withaferin A: Anti-carcinogenic agent in treatment of several cancers.
  • Ginger Extract: Inhibit growth and proliferation of colorectal cancer cells.

All-other added nutritional supplement supports as cancer protective effect.

A precautionary therepeautic supplement for prevention of cancer & also helps to balance the uneven Complete Blood Count & reduces risk of cancer.

Other Benefits:

ONCOREX Tablet Prevents Seven Types of Cancer:
a) Breast Cancer; b) Endometrial Cancer; c) Kidney Cancer; d) Bladder Cancer; e) Esophageal Cancer; f) Stomach Cancer; g) Colon Cancer

1 tab daily for 3 months or directed as a Physician

1 x 10 tablets

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